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Fredy aka JuicePapi is one of our co-founders and chief juice operations officer. He has been able to hone his experience in managing gyms and bars and apply it towards running the daily operations at Cranky Carrot. You can typically find Fred coaching our amazing staff, juicing, picking up produce or setting up for farmer's markets. Fredy is also a loving dog dad and cryptocurrency afficionado. 

Juice Connected Us

I always saw myself as an entrepreneur but couldn't quite figure out my path. I bounced around from place to place, industry to industry and always left thinking, "Well, that wasn't for me."

I was always into fitness, eating well and staying healthy. I bought my first juicer in 2011. It was a funny story actually, my neighbor came over one day, and I offered her a juice because I had just picked up a six pack from my local juice bar. She thanked me and noted that she always sees me drinking cold-pressed juices and I laughed realizing that she was right. 


She then asked how much I thought I spent on juice monthly and I decided to run the calculations. I estimated between $300-$400 a month. I quickly decided to save myself the tab and buy a home juicer! Like Fran, I have always been very savvy in both the kitchen and mixing drinks, therefore, combining flavors into a juice came very naturally to me.

Juice connected Fran and I from the very beginning of our relationship. After our first date, she commented that she was very tired at work. I decided to pick up a green juice and surprise her. See some women like flowers but the key to Fran's heart is definitely food. I didn't even know she liked juice so much at the time but when she saw the juice her face lit up and she asked how did I know. 

Since then we have been inseparable, and it is only natural that our first business endeavor involves bringing the joy of juice to others.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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