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Wellness Made Simple

We began juicing in Fred's mom's kitchen in Baytown as a way to better our health during the pandemic. We slowly began sharing our creations with friends and family and realized "hey, we make pretty good juice!" After two years of selling at local farmer's markets, we opened our juice shop inside of Finn Hall in Downtown Houston. With a fixed location, we were able to add made-to-order, functional smoothies, smoothie bowls & snacks to the menu. Our goal is to provide our community with fun and exciting ways to eat more fruits and vegetables. We firmly believe in the power of plant-forward eating and strive to teach our clients that eating nourishing food does not have to be boring or difficult. Each recipe is hand-crafted with a specific benefit in mind and with real, whole-food ingredients. We strive to make food that is not only delicious but supports your health and helps you thrive throughout your day.

Don't be shy - next time you come by ask us what your food is doing for you!

We are currently working on not only increasing our better-for-you food offerings but also increasing the amount of local produce and food items that we source. We firmly believe that locally grown and produced food is healthier, better quality and better for the environment.


Every juice or smoothie purchased helps support our mission - to help others lead healthier lives, to create rewarding job opportunities & support small and local business.

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Sustainability & Giving Back

At our shop, we are intentional about sustainability and the current issues facing our environment. We source locally whenever possible, in order to reduce packaging and travel required. Our eggs are fresh from local and humane farms. We recycle all in-house plastic, paper, glass and aluminum waste. Additionally, we partner with Happy Earth Compost to compost all of our food waste - which comes out to nearly 100 gallons per week! Our next step in our sustainability program is to move towards glass bottles. In the meantime, if you would like for us to recycle your plastic juice bottles, please let us know.

Our community is everything. Giving back is part of what we do. We focus on working in both our local community and giving back to our home island of Puerto Rico. In the past, we have partnered with Operation Turkey, Caras con Causa, Plenitud PR, University of Houston and more. If you currently have a cause or volunteer opportunity that you are interested in us being a part of, please reach out to Francesca.

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