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Freshly made, locally-sourced, good-for-you, plant-forward drinks & eats.

All of our recipes are handcrafted to nourish your health in different ways. We focus on serving food that is not only delicious but will help your body heal and thrive.

Our Good-for-You Food

We don't cut corners to sacrifice on quality and we don't put any funky things in our food. We are committed to using food and ingredients free from preservatives, artificial flavors and dyes, gums, fillers and inflammatory oils.

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Kombucha is a type of fermented tea that is rich in raw antioxidants and live probiotics. Probiotics help increase your healthy gut bacteria and in turn can help improve digestion and inflammation as well as support healthy skin and the immune system. Kombucha also has powerful antibacterial properties particularly against infection-causing bacteria.


Our Kombucha is now available to sample and purchase at Finn Hall, Urban Harvest Farmer's Market, Market Square Park Farmer's Market, Rice Village Farmer's Market and Heights Mercantile Farmer's Market 


Cold-Pressed Juice


We use the best two-stage cold pressed juicers in the industry - Goodnature's X1 Mini and X1. This means our juice not only packs powerful flavor but is the most nutrient-rich in the game.

Real cold-pressed juice is made with a hydraulic press that uses thousands of pounds to extract liquid from produce. If a juicing machine does not have a hydraulic press it cannot truly make "cold-pressed" juice. Real cold-presses do not use heat and are more efficient at reducing oxidation than other types of juicers. Oxidation is the process in which a substance changes when it is exposed to oxygen. Oxidation leads to loss of nutrients and growth of harmful bacteria.

When we cook fruits or vegetables or apply any kind of heat, we actually destroy a good amount of beneficial nutrients and vitamins. Blenders & other kinds of juicers produce heat. The pasteurization process also applies high heat. The cold-pressed juicing process, however, helps retain a majority of those sensitive nutrients.

In addition, when you eat a solid food meal your body has to work hard to digest and break down fiber and material to be able to absorb the rest of the nutrients. If you have digestive issues, your body may struggle to properly absorb nutrients from solid food.


When fruits & vegetables are juiced, the cellular matrices of the food are broken down, which releases antioxidants & other vitamins from its cellular compartment. This means your body does not have to work as hard to break down fiber and the nutrients can be easily and quickly absorbed and used by your body.

Similarly, because several pounds of produce (more than you could ever comfortably eat in one sitting) are used to make one serving of juice, you are getting a larger dose of micronutrients versus what you would from a serving of solid fruits and vegetables.


The micronutrients found in fruits and vegetables not only help fight off disease but also help regulate and support all of your bodily functions and systems.

This is what makes cold-pressed juice so valuable.

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